Help me
March 8th, 2013

Help me

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Please help her,

I hate being a neurotic person human thing sometimes I think no ones read my comic
if Im good or Im Bad what I should do with my life,
anyway Im glad to read all your comments that gives me the energy to make more comics


  1. buretto

    don’t worry, there are many who larve your comic. well, I do anyways.

  2. Parisu

    Yes I love the comic too its so awesome!

  3. Sal

    Must be all the fan boys from her fandom.

  4. GumbyX

    I and many others love your comic. So don’t worry about that

  5. Nick

    Hi! I haven’t commented before but I’ve been reading our comic for a while now. I think you’re brilliant. Funny comic, good art, nice story lines.

  6. Nick

    I meant your comic! 😀

  7. Mr. Ookami

    This has made it on the list of my favourite comics. if I could classify it (comedic, action, romance, sci fi?) it would probably be my favourite of that genre.

  8. xhji

    It’s just so typical — the (monster) public makes Mona a celebrity for all the wrong reasons, because of what they *want* her to be, what they are *forcing* her to be, not because of who or what she actually *is*… how very human of them. Unfortunately.

  9. xhji

    Technical question: it’s nice that you have such a wonderful set of avatars (below) for us out here to use, but I have a gravatar account set up, which I use on several other sites. Most of the time, a site will just use it automatically, but your “radio button” selector seems to override that. How do I get your site to use MY avatar?

  10. ColdFusion

    I think you’re confusing you with me. Nobody reads my comic. You are awesomely popular.
    also lololol Mona learn to enjoy it

  11. tavo2

    @xhji.- Ive no idea, I dont know anything about html , but I really wanted to have the shortpacked avatar comment thing after a couple of days I was able to do it, I see you have a CAD xbox robot (ethan why did you have to die) but unless I disable the avatar thing you cant use your gravatar avatar, I´ll ask my internet wiseman friend when I see him,

    Anyway thank you everyone for your words, every once in a while I freak out, last night was in a podcast with Jorge Pinto (Bunsen webcomic) and then when I got home saw the dresden kodak kicktarter and I felt so little.

    Just add a couple of failed projects and I was super emo when I uploaded the comic my apologies I´ll try to not enter the emo mode again

  12. reynard61

    I read your comic. I don’t always understand it*, but I do read it.

    @ ColdFusion: I read your comic too.

    *Some of the humor can go over my head. It might be a cultural thing.

  13. exsploder101

    dude your comis are awesome i read all of them

  14. ColdFusion

    I’d be happy with just more avatars. Where’s that Very Handsome Guy or whoever.. from a few comics back.. I’d use him..

  15. algeya

    Ok more avatars in my to do list

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