Pilli remix 06
February 12th, 2014

Pilli remix 06

Remixing a very old comic
sorry about the remix comic, I dont know if you hate them but I needed the time to finish some of these pages consider them a commercial break,(just tell me if you hate them or not plz)

This is my second day without internet, waited all day for the freaking technician and never came, now computer and ipad are superboring, If I had an xbone one I probably would not be able to play it because it needs to call home(thank god I have a wii u),
Just started to real all my physical comics I totally forgot how to read them and they dont use electricity, also played with my old super nintendo, I turned it on and started to play it, no need to update the system, no need to conect to the internet just pure joy.


  1. tavo2

    never mind problem fixed

  2. ColdFusion

    I like the remixes
    any time Pilli is barefoot it’s probably a good time had for all.

  3. man in black

    Of course money is the what makes the world go ’round

  4. Mon

    Remaking old comics with modern art is actually a good idea from a marketability point of view.
    A lot of series start off with a bunch of random and quickly made art pieces and as time goes on the artist gets way better. But when newcomers hit the site they will go to the start and might be turned off by the simplistic artwork since they think that is all the webcomic has to offer.
    As such, some webcomics have removed the original art for the first 40 or so pages and replaced them with new art. That way by the time the new reader gets to page 40 ish they are already like the series enough and they can handle a change in art style. Likewise, by page 40 the artist is so much better (back when they were first drawn) that most readers will accept it. The original pages are kept in a separate part of the website for the old school fans.
    At least I think that is the motivation. I’m not sure, but I don’t think most of the webcomic writers who do this know about the positive effects of replacing the old art. They just do it because its fun.
    Also: new artwork for old pages gives readers a reason to go look back on the old stuff if they are interested.

    Pilli is a weird case though. The first 2 pages have bad art (no offense), but it picks up in quality obscenely fast.

  5. tavo2

    Thanks Mon for your super comment, the thing is that the first two-six pilli strips were napkin sketches that I posted on blogspot years ago because I was bored at my boring part time job , then discovered webcomics and sites like drunk duck and smackjeeves,

    Pilli was not my first comic, (actually it was the third) and I was taking classes about art and design at school and used some of that stuff in my early comics

    ,before that I gave up doing comics because an incident I had with sergio Aragones, but again because of my boring ex job I started to post comics online and getting comments from readers that was more than enough to give the energy to do the comic and quit that freaking job.

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