future shock part 8
July 2nd, 2014

future shock part 8

yes narcos and gringos team up in the future.
Soon my hosting will expire, should I do a very small indiegogo campaign or a patreon or perhaps sing on the streets to pay
for the hosting, perhaps I should open some commisions (or open the freaking online store since I only sell at cons)
Anyway Im kinda super busy right now because Im doing some stuff behind the courtains (safe for work stuff)
I didnt get the chance to see the new sailor moon series or the new transformers movie


  1. Jk8z

    Indiegogo, patreon or the store, I’d be happy to help! (depending on price) How much is hosting?

    Also I’ve just disabled adblock for your website so I hope that helps.

  2. giovanni

    hah! the neo narco went all Raditz on us! hihihih so comical

  3. OldJack

    Several of the artists I like and support use Patreon, but I have no idea of the benefits of any of the others.

  4. Anonymous

    Commisions would be cool or selling some of the pages of the comic would be cool. I know I would like to buy orginal pages of the comic.

  5. ColdFusion

    So ads don’t pay your hosting? That’s a shame,
    yeah i keep missing great movies, who has time to go sit in a theater so long?

  6. tavo2

    usually adds pay hosting and artist tools
    but now Im spending a lot of money because in the next couple of weeks Im going to comicon to do some business

  7. man in black

    Hopefully Mona isn’t lonely or a giant snake

  8. ColdFusion

    Hopefully you can make some of that money back at the con by selling art! I know I’d buy some if I went to cons..

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