portafolio review adventure

Portafolio adventure review
Yes I did some of those at the con
Before the event started I meet a 60 years old animator, he gave me great advice
on how to improve the portafolio and I made the changes before I entered the convention center

My weapons.-

The portafolio

-some Pilli strips (mainly the bus phobia saga and some selected art pieces
-3d art (lupe. water pot, things that already showed to you guys)
-real life animalsand humans drawings (yes I can do those)
-more pilli art

The Sketch folio
-napkins sketches
-unfinished pilli art
-more sketches
-grocery store list with sketches
Anyway I cannot reveal how it was the review , (probably bad luck will chase me if I say something)
but I can say this, everyone loved the sketchfolio a lot.

the competition

My advice from my experience

-before the show check the portafolio check the companies info.
some of them got websites and you should look their portafolio review guidelines to see what they are
looking for so you can built the portafolio. (just a note someone showed furry porn to disney!! )

-get early.- if the portafolio review is about 11:00 am get there 1 hour early, usually the signings are 30 minutes
before the scheduled hour but they are a lot of people and the number of people they can interview is very limited

-treat it as a job interview because it is!
*dress nicely,take a bath and use some perfume first impression is really important.
*learn to sell yourself
*bring your resume.

-get along with your fellow artists , despise of being the competition they are in the same boat
be friends with them, exchange info and experience.

-bring your presentation cards and copies of your work (data cds and printed copies include a resume) because
they will ask for them if they like your work,

-sketchfolio works , beside your portafolio you should bring unfinished pages and sketches so they can
see your art process.


  1. Hunter

    Consejos muy valiosos. Nada como enterarse de primera mano como son las cosas ahí

  2. Keint

    Me gustaria haber estado ahi… ;_; pero queda muy lejos de mi pais XD

    PD: Portafolio: Portfolio xP

  3. omni

    y conq uien fue la entreviste conseguiste la chamba?

  4. algeya

    Desgraciadamente No puedo decir nada por el momento.
    disculpame pero ciertos comentarios que diga me pueden provocar problemas.
    Eventualmente les dire que paso

  5. zaklady bukmacherskie

    I want to start blogging too, what do you think, which blog cms is good for noob?

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