new Kinnikuman digital series

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Kinda old news but according to yudematango twitter
and ANN

Play News, the official website of Shueisha’s Weekly Playboy magazine, announced that the creator duo Yudetamago will bring back their original Kinnikuman manga as a free web manga on the site on Monday.

There have been other Kinnikuman manga series such as Kinnikuman II-sei: Ky?kyoku no Ch?jin Tag-Hen, which also ran in Sh? Play News until last month. However, the two creators of Yudetamago are going back to their first 1979 Kinnikuman storyline and picking up where they last left the story in 1987.

A new Kinnikuman installment will appear on the Sh? Play News site every Monday at 10:00 a.m. in Japan (Sunday at 8:00 p.m. EST ). Only one installment at a time will be on the site; the chapters will then be compiled for tank?bon book volumes that will ship next year.

This is kind of big kinnikuman was very popular, dragon ball popular in japan with movies and tv series toys and videogames
and introduced many things that were used later in popular mangas like saint seiya, dragon ball, one piece etc.
Also the protagonists were international heroes (a russian robot, an england knight, a cowboy american, a good nazi, a chinese martial artist,) just like the x men when they became cool with the metallic russian the african weather girl and the canadian guy with adamantium claws, may I add this is one of my favorite series.

This is like Toriyama made a dragon ball sequel as a webcomic or dc comics cancelled print superman and made it a webcomic
you can see the kinnikuman webcomic here

Thanks to you tube here is the finale of he tv series when he defeated the last badguy (the five evil god possesed super phoenix)
and he brought peace to the super hero world and became the king of his planet (take that superman)

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