Im going to regret this.
As always the internet was down at work, with nothing to do until I escape from that hell, I just checked today webcomics (usually I never close the internet windows when INavegate early in the morning so I have something to do at work)

I was glad that questionable content , had a perspective in the first panel in todays comic, but after a few moments I noticed that bothered my inner pseudo artist, look Faye and Raven are the same height.

As you can see Faye is a lot taller in the perspective,
Then I noticed the client as Mr Jacques used a 2d view to show us the client that kinda wrong because isnt facing Raven

With the power of my cousin computer, I did a little perspective theories
as you can see I placed the characters with 3d models it looks like the comic

But what will happen if we see it from the top

As I suspected the client isnt facing Raven
if rotate a little the client who is facing our favorite cafeteria employee,
the readers should be looking at the clients back instead.

If Im right Jacques, made in porpuse,
because to show us how pissed was the client with only her dialogue “psh whaever”
it wouldnt be strong enough.

Note.- questionable content is a great comic , Im Jacques fan, I dont want to be harsh
but as an artist I cant let things like this go unnoticed, and also I do this essay for myself
because I want to learn from the best.

Ps.- sorry for my grammar english is not part of my domain

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