She is back!
May 6th, 2011

She is back!

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And people where asking why she didnt tag along with the gang (hint she is noisy).
I intended to finish this comic late at night but I fell asleep while doing the inks (so tired )
finished in the morning at work but the lack of internet didnt allow me to upload the page,

Today I got a mail from sony about the playstation network, what the heck?, I dont have a sony account or a psp go. I only have my playstation 2 and only use it to play dvds these days, maybe I should check my bank accounts.


  1. Ominous

    I was wondering when she was gonna show up.

  2. xheralt

    If you’ve never plugged your ps2 into teh interwebz then the email was probably a phishing scam spam. as long as you don’t follow any links, download anything the message tells you, or run any program/script it recommends, you’re ok. Just ignore it.

  3. Varkson

    Yay! I love the star girls.

  4. ColdFusion

    yayyy star girl again!
    First panel should say “He pissed me off!” “Everyone pisses you off!”
    and fourth panel should just say “way higher” not “A way bigger” 🙂 unless you meant to say he’s actually a larger size.

  5. Dennis el Azul

    Pilli has a lucky star.

  6. ColdFusion

    you still left in the “A” it should just be ‘way higher’ 🙂

    of course if you wanted to sound southern you could say ‘a ways higher’ but that’s just silly.

    btw I really enjoy helping with grammar ^.^ it’s like I’m involved!

  7. tavo2

    Without you it seems I would be doomed, anyway I thankful everyone of you help the comic, via the comments that feed my spirit, donations that fill my inkpen,( by the way the comic will be tomorrow during the afternoon)

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