June 3rd, 2011


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If you dont remember the giant alebrije it did appear during the last year summer crossover arc, Paco needed to team up with a superman level character to take it out!

Bad news everyone, today is one horrible day………..its my birthday I hate birthdays, as I become older my stories will get boring and before I notice this comic will be become a boring as many authors before me that lose touch with modern kids and do like something boring like a golf comic or how much I hate new stuff (left school like 4 years ago)

-In other news Dc comics is rebooting everything,I still have like a bag of full comics from last comicon that I havent botttered to read, maybe Pilli need a soft reboot or just end the comic and start Pilli Adventure Z now Paco battle Gods
like the God of tequila etc.


  1. Varkson

    I can see why Bachelor Spider is a bachelor.
    Also, there are another 65 Giant Alebrije?!!

  2. ColdFusion

    Ha, tree branch. classic!
    Bachelor spider looks more like a centipede.. Poor candy worm has to rent out ad space to get by, I guess he needs a lot of candy.. or if he is candy, he needs a lot of whatever a candy worm eats.

  3. ColdFusion

    Oh, and Feliz Cumpleanos 😀

  4. tavo2

    In Xiu army the alebrijes monsters are numbered as they are created giant alebrije is just the subtype,

    But they are not 68 alebrijes, most of them were destroyed during Pilli adventure adventures and the old numbers are not used again, after this arc is done I´ll give the complete list of monsters during this war.

    For more info about alebrijes just check the wikipedia

  5. Rikushadow5

    Doesn’t Pilli play RPGs? There’s never just ONE enemy. And if there is, it’s something that you have to levelgrind to beat, or you get Curb Stomp’d.

  6. Maju

    Don’t worry: many of your readers won’t be “modern kids” anyhow.

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