Mexicans stealing american artists jobs wtf??

Im kinda piss off  today at the bleeding cool comic site there is an article about the festo comic.

One of the big announcements of the festo comic festival that Senior VP Talent, C.B. Cebulski, will visit Mexico next November in search of local artists for Marvel Comics.

And of course the  american fans think that we are stealing  their  jobs specially because marvel lay off some editors a couple of days ago ,  That´s stupid among artists countries frontiers should not exist , I enjoy comics from Mexico, Japan, England , EUA.  One of my dreams is to draw for the shonen jump and the editor Igashi Sasaki  said in twitter that anyone could submit to jump even guys from the other side of the ocean, comics is an international thing.

Like many in my country I read marvel comics and saw the cartoons since I was a kid I dreamed to draw superman or spiderman I really thougth if I drew everyday made a lot of effort and sacrifices , I would have the skills and the chance to draw those guys when I grew up (sadly now I want to draw manga)

, I´ve been going to san diego comicon in the last 3 years trying to get a gig with some sucess and a lot of failures and it really cost me a lot of money each travel, Not everyone can afford that, In sports like soccer, big teams usually hire many talented soccer players around the world to make themselves stronger,and this a big chance for mexican artists…. no artists to archive their dreams
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  1. David Herbert

    Yes, how dare Marvel hires people from outisde America, you know, like they’ve been doing for decades.

  2. tavo2

    Grant Morrison is from Scotland, does the British empire stealing american jobs?
    and I dont think they are paying Humberto Ramos with Chickens

  3. Dennis el Azul

    There are also Spanish Marvel artists so I don’t understand why the american fans complain about the Mexican artists but not about the Spanish ones.

  4. ColdFusion

    I think the important thing is that you’re not taking a smaller wage just to get a job, that’s basically cheating and it hurts everyone. Like if you just sell your product for slightly less than everyone else, instead of competing.. then they all have to lower their price to match.. and nobody profits.
    of course it’s also really tempting.. we shouldn’t feel like we’re in competition anyway, there’s plenty of art to go around!

  5. MechaBlue

    I live in Canada and have had the good fortune to work with an excellent comic artist. From him, I hear the other side of the argument: US comic companies like to hire from Mexico and southward because the artists are willing to accept less money. Unfortunately, as part of this, they are also willing to hire artists of lesser ability, which hurts the fans and hurts the artist communities.

    I agree that nationality should make no difference, the image on the paper is far more important than the image on the cloth, but the associated cost of different nations can do some long term damage to the artistic communities in all nations as skill becomes second to cost.

    I make no protest and no declaration of how things should be but I hope that people understand both sides and both views.

    P.S.: I have learned a lot from Pilli Adv. and I have a much better appreciation for the rich heritage and culture of Mexico. It is sad that, though we live on the same continent, I am so ignorant of your country. At least I am a little less ignorant.

  6. tavo2

    Yea I understand your point of view and as you said there is two sides in the same coin.
    Anyway Im happy you liked Pilli adventure (never tried to teach about Mexican culture but sometimes is hard to avoid a regional reference)

  7. Maju

    Dennis says (quite intelligently): “There are also Spanish Marvel artists so I don’t understand why the american fans complain about the Mexican artists but not about the Spanish ones”.

    I suspect that it’s one of these two possibilities:

    1) They think Spanish=Mexican-plus (i.e. Hispanic)

    2) They know the difference and also know that the cost of life in Europe is so extremely high that it’s impossible that Spaniards compete in equal terms with US artists.

  8. Adidaas

    Now we’re blaming Mexicans for taking Artist jobs? What’s next? Are we gonna blame them for replacing Americans in the market of “Douchebaggery and the Art of Blaming Other People?”

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