the Revangers part 4.- alien invasion
May 11th, 2012

the Revangers part 4.- alien invasion

What the hell is going on!
this page looks like the first comic I did,

When I was a little kid in school my first comic was a megaman x rip off,

About a kid that found in a museum ancient machines and merged with one of them to become a giant robot, the main baddies were the 4 generals robots that adapted to their enviroment (poison scorpion, bone yak, squirt beetle, and sonic bat) I drew like 200 pages instead of doing math problems in my classroom, fun fact I recycled sonic bat design to create the camazot bat monster (and he was the minor character since two generals becoma allies (scorpion and yak) and squirt became a recurring villain and the bat faded into oblivion)


  1. Edd

    Those are cool enemy designs.

  2. Edd

    Real quick: It is spelled “cyclops”.

    And it is should be [ let’s ].

    You use let’s for Let Us. I am having a hard time explaining how to use it. You use it when, um, you want a more active voice. I guess.

    But I do understand how “lets” works.
    But the word Lets is used when referring to “allowing something to happen”. Mom lets me watch TV.
    He let the dog out. —– He lets the dog out every morning.
    My calculator lets me do fancy math.

  3. Mord_Sith

    Just an observation… but what happened?!?

    I didn’t miss any pages (I don’t think) it just jumped from Paco showing up to the Revenger group, getting floored by the bulk, then suddenly in the middle of a fight with mecha-zombies.

    I don’t know, lately it seems the story arcs are being rushed a lot and while I can’t draw worth a hill of beans, I can tell you that the story’s suffering for it.

  4. tavo2

    What I´ll do without you Edd

    @mord there is later sign in the first panel, this is a mini arc in fact next update is the conclusion, it barely qualifies as an arc its more like breather story before we jump back into the main arc,

  5. Rukifellth

    I think that giant worm thing is kind of a parody of that giant worm in Transformers Dark of the Moon. Thoce common mooks could be parodies of thoce cyborg aliens from The Avenger movie…

  6. ColdFusion

    I love reminiscing about old projects.. we all had them, didn’t we? But unless we had an older brother to draw them, they were never popular..

  7. tavo2

    it was popular in my school before the other guys discovered how cool the girls are

  8. Kandarako

    I love that attack…

  9. ejg

    now just trow thanos at the end of the credits and you have an arc.

  10. tavo2

    spoilers, but everyone who cared about the movie already seen it

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