the Revangers part 3.- the Incredible Bulk
May 9th, 2012

the Revangers part 3.- the Incredible Bulk

I was terrible at math,
But I took advanced math and static (physics and material resistance) in collegue (still had bad grades unlike design and art classes), 4 years later I dont remember a thing,


  1. Nekro13

    LOL Great for Hulk (Being Blue, I’m calling him Sulk) to show Paco up.

  2. tavo2

    purple and red were already taken

  3. Edd

    He looks a kinda like the Grey Hulk. But Bulk here has a better taste in fashion.

  4. Bill M.

    Ah, yes, the Professor Bulk phase… first seen in The Incredulous Bulk #377. Too bad it’s only a temporary fix.

  5. ColdFusion

    I love how so many superheroes are super genius scientists.. it makes me feel better about being a smarty mcsmarts..
    the Bulk is a bit bluer than the Infraggable Krunk..

  6. Rukifellth

    Just found this webcomic some days ago and already hooked by it. 🙂
    A bit too much fanservice sometimes but, ah well. XD

    BTW ColfFusion, the pic you chose makes me hope we’ll see the mummy girl again. The Big Mummy (forgot his name) may have used spare parts from her, but since he lost a bit less than half his face and his whole arm, she probably is still alive… I certainly hope. It would be interesting to see how she would fix that issue or how she’d cope with being dumped AND torn apart…

  7. ejg

    a purple monster whit green pants. I see what you did there 😉 smart hulk. PS: suddenly I am in the mood to read Planet Paco.

  8. tavo2

    thanks ruckifellth glad that you like the comic (it has like 6 months since I did the last echi scene if I remember well). Anyway Aton the mummy will be back soon

  9. Rukifellth

    Aton the complete monster (by that I mean he is completely rotten evil), not mummy girl? ;__;

    Anyways, looking forward, and hoping he’ll be grounded to dust. >: )

  10. Yaz

    Cuando las historietas impresas? mis alumnos preguntan!

  11. tavo2

    para el festo comic en noviembre

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