the living game part 7
June 1st, 2012

the living game part 7

big weekend cliffhanger?
arrg I had a big rant but because Im an idiot I erased it by mistake, deppressed because soon it will be my birthday and I really hate that day with all my soul.


  1. Raruto


  2. Myself

    Wait… you hate your own birthday? How come?

  3. algeya

    for many reasons
    one Im kinday crazy, second I dont like to be the center of attention, third I dont want to get older, fourth I havent acomplished my life goals, 5.- Im on a diet and I´ll break it that day making all my efforts in vain (5 kilos already lost)

    never mind dont pay attention to me

  4. ColdFusion

    3 and 4 are the same reason I’m not terribly excited about birthdays anymore either..

  5. Mord_Sith

    1) Crazy is one of those fun-yet-wary states, as long as you’re in the fun side it’s all good 😀
    2) I can appreciate that, but think of it this way, it gives them a chance to appreciate you for who you are and what you do (or at least so I’ve been told.)
    3) Bah, age is irrelevant, at some point you grow up, at some point you get old, at some point you stop moving, just because a number ticks up doesn’t mean you’re getting old.
    4) Who has? The moment you accomplish your life goals you’ll have nothing left, who wants that?
    5) A single piece of cake won’t instantly add 5 KG to you, as long as you eat smart for the rest of the day you’ll be fine.
    6) We enjoy your comic so of course we’ll pay attention to you if only for a moment 😀 (to prevent number 2 from triggering!)

  6. tavo2

    thanks for your support, Sorry for my insanity I´ll just have to deal with it,

  7. Kandarako

    hell… too much expectation 4 a weekend

  8. ejg

    I instantly relate to the 5th panel.

  9. tavo2

    I relate to the final panel

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