the living game part 8
June 4th, 2012

the living game part 8

My birthday gift were shoes one of my friends got an I-pad not fair,
funfact,.- I share birthday with Fidel Castro,
I got older by coincidence I saw in the morning an episode of the king of the hill tv series when one of the guys realized that he wasnt one of the younglings anymore and his surf and being sexy abilities decayed,

But I can still do the kame hame ha and still kick ass when I play pokemon online also like the same cartoons that I liked yesterday,

birthday bonus.- friday black and white comic after the cut feel free to color it,


  1. Kandarako

    yay bonus!

    well, my birthday was a week ago, and I only recieved a t-shirt from my GF, so…

  2. Mord_Sith

    Was there… a padlock… on their front door… on the outside?!?

    How the devil are they supposed to get out of there without Pilli’s mom who can break steel?

  3. pilli

    My mom is crazy

  4. ColdFusion

    That episode was so excellent..
    at least, by the end it was.

  5. algeya

    @Morth .- Pilli´s dad works a lot when he left to work he locked the door without thinking,
    about Pilli´s mom she just had an adrenaline boost

  6. Mord_Sith

    Strange… I had the impression that Pilli’s dad was AWOL for some reason, don’t know why, maybe it has something to do with well-grooved cliché’s rearing their heads when I see patterns arise.

    So… Pilli’s dad habitually locks the womenfolk up… to keep them from plying their womanly wiles?

    *shrug* Maybe it’s just me but it either means their dad is very clingy, or (and I’m probably reading way WAY too much into this) he’s a negativity driven egocentric person.

    Or maybe it’s just a comic so I should close my blasted mouth and enjoy 😛

  7. Mask777

    Pilli is real?

    4 posts above me.

  8. algeya

    Yes I stalk her all the time and draw her adventures, the last time Paco kicked my behind when I peeked her when she was taking a bath

    @Mord he locked the door because he forgot that his family was inside the house to put it blunty he has a “lapsus brutus”

  9. ejg

    I like paco’s new click.

  10. tavo2


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