DRAW anything for nothing

Something tell me that No one is going to repply this,

Anyway I want to be a better artist so this is the deal, just repply this post , say super elephant and I will draw a super elephant, draw a kitty for my girl/boyfriend and I´ll do it.
All the drawings will be posted on this site in the blog section it will be fast drawings,
I want to try different styles and push my art to the next level see ya


  1. Anonymous

    Very cool Ox 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    A talking sword!

  3. Alfonso Marin

    I want pili (or whatever character you think it deserves best this situation) being trapped with flashy magic shoes that force her to dance endlessly. And the shoes are stuck to her feet so she can take them off.

  4. Ima Peccable

    I’m simply replying because you didn’t think I would!
    Show me a self-portrait or one of a famous person.

  5. Kasumi

    I wouldn’t mind seeing some life drawing from you. Or a still life.

    But I’ll just ask for a properly proportioned skeleton.

  6. Susan

    Your workspace.

  7. Anonymous

    Ferrets dueling with light sabers!

  8. Yves

    A line of hotdogs-in-buns dancing on a concert stage for Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday.

  9. algeya

    The drawings will be up on wed night busy making next strip

  10. Anonymous

    A banana dancing with a pineapple!

  11. Anonymous

    a killer bunny!

  12. Parsnipzilla

    Disco Master Chief!

  13. Aussie_kid

    Hmm, I think you should draw a rough sketch of Pilli Adventure volume 1

  14. Anonymous

    Something spicy on a big plate on the beach with a cantalope with legs doing the cha cha and a orange about to splater into the moon and sun which are fighting in midair

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