not a monster
February 6th, 2013

not a monster

ay Vivi why arent you a normal girl.
In god of war I killed Medusa now it was gross,
(but in the original castelvania killed dozens of flying medusas heads and I was happy)


  1. Tim

    “everyone is happy that Pilli will end someday…………..depresion…”

    I am not happy that Pilli is ending. Or that it will end eventually. Or whatever may happen to it (I don’t know what is going to happen).
    At this point in Pilli’s setting we know everyone and what is going on. Like the second act of a book. In series that are very heavy on story, once you finish the second act you should start the third act where things end. People are not happy when Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars start to wind up for an ending (they want it to go on forever), but they understand that things come to an end.

    Referencing Sluggy Freelancer again. The author felt that it was time to start the third act and wrap things up after so many years of stories. So he started the final arc, which will probably be about 10 years long when finished. In this last arc he introduced new characters and conflicts, but you can still feel that it is working towards a conclusion and everyone loves it. You can have a final act be super long and in-depth.

    Of course while Pilli does have long term story elements (some of the monsters turning ‘good’, Pilli’s friends becoming recurring characters, explaining Paco’s powers, etc) it is still very gag-a-day style strip with medium length story arcs. So Pilli (much like Dilbert or Exterminatus Now) could go on forever and still be cool.

    And even if you decide to end the Pilli storyline that doesn’t mean that the Pilli setting has to end. You could always have a character from this comic be an important character in the new comic with the old characters popping in every once in a while. One webcomic had a bunch of people fighitng aliens. When the aliens were dead they needed new jobs so beloved side character went to work at a toy store and that story is Shortpacked (the author done this twice and people like it).
    Or the new comic could have elements of this world in it like the monsters or the magic. Like the Lord of the Rings extended universe.

    Blah blah blah, given the way Pilli is presented it could easily go on for much longer and still be funny. Nothing is worse then when an artists ends a series before its time. The Nostalgia Critic is proof enough of that.
    But if you decide to move on to new things it seems like most of the fans would accept it (as long as the final arc is awesome).
    I hope my meandering and name-dropping essay is useful to you.

  2. tavo2

    according to bakuman most series end because it was axed because the magazine ends it(lack of popularity, already milk it a lot) or the natural end of the story, or like Akira Toryama ended dr slump because he ran out of ideas,

    Been designing a new series for a while but besides the characters havent done much and the last batch of villains were suppose to appear on that comic
    (borracho man, naguales etc)

    I just need time.

    in site news still using a lot of bandwidht, just learned that bots eat that thing away so maybe thats reason, Ive installed an anti spam but I think only block bots comments and not their visits,

  3. ColdFusion

    if he would just be an hero there’d be no problem XD

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